About The River’s Edge

sunpath5*The river’s edge has always been a place of refreshing, the seeking and the thirsty have stopped by the rivers edge to seek relief, refreshment and a invigoration along the path they are walking. It is a respite on a long journey. So too is this site meant to be, a respite for the wandering Christian.

There are, more than ever, Christians wandering in the wilderness. With no church, no support and no encouragement. Just an abiding faith in God and looking for direction.  The purpose of this site is to offer encouragement and direction to those who have come to the river’s edge for a refreshing. This is not a church, just a way point, an oasis in the wilderness where you can partake of the goodness of God’s love for you.

Many of God’s people feel disconnected from God, disconnected from hope, disconnected from purpose.  It is the hope of this simple servant that by being a voice that cries out in the wilderness, one may hear and be refreshed, and know that God loves them and cares for them.

God never leaves us nor forsakes us,  and whether by our own doing, or the doing of others there are times we feel we have wandered into the dry places and need a little refreshing. Surrounded by friends and family,  the Christian walk is hard enough, but on our own it is downright difficult. I encourage all to get involved in a church or a group of fellow Christians, but that is not always possible or in the wheel house of our possibilities.

So stay a while, refresh your soul and let God touch your heart and empower you for the next leg of the journey.

I am not a pastor and claim no special honor, I am a Christian like you.  But if you would like prayer you can email me at info@gtmriversedge.org


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